Telematics Car Insurance Informs Drivers of Potential Discounts

saving money with telematics car insuranceDrivers are in constant search of a car insurance product which allows them to save money off their current cover.  Car insurance is not inexpensive, but a required part of driving on the UK roadways.  This has been a fact for years and will continue to be.  A new car insurance product which is attempting to focus on safety leading to cost savings is now available.  It is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.

Never before has a car insurance product been so promising in helping drivers achieve what they have been looking for.  Telematics car insurance is an insurance product which informs the driver of potential discounts simply by requiring drivers to handle a car with safety.

The key to driving with safety and proving this to an insurer lies in the small device which is installed in the interior of the insured car.  This device is a GPS enabled piece of technology which does so much more than just make it possible to locate the car with ease.  It is also able to monitor driving habits like acceleration, braking and cornering, among other habits.

The data from the small device is evaluated by the insurer for the presence of a driver handling the car with safety.   When safe driving is evident, that driver becomes eligible to receive rewards presented to them in the form of discounts applied to future monthly insurance costs.

Telematics car insurance is setting new standards within the car insurance industry by informing drivers of potential discounts available to them.

Telematics Car Insurance Brings Technology into Car Cover

telematics car insuranceThe terms car insurance and high technology have never shared the same discussion.  For years, there has never been a need for anything techy to be involved in the car insurance industry.  Drivers have accepted the fact that dealing with an insurer would take place when there happened to be a car crash or some similar incident.  Drivers would simply make a call and file a claim.  Those days are over and car cover is different.

A new car insurance surfacing within the car insurance industry is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  It is the first of its kind and is becoming quite popular all over the UK.  It is now possible to purchase only the miles needed and top up when necessary.

Telematics is bringing drivers up to the twenty first century in regard to car cover.  It is doing this with the use of high tech equipment used in the car and online as well.  This equipment is vital to the process of telematics and what makes it tick.  Never again will it be impossible to check out how the driver is handling an insured car, no matter who the driver is within the family.

Drivers are now able to prove they can drive safely and be less risky for insurers to cover.  Driving habits are monitored and then displayed online for an interested party to check simply by logging on to a personal online dashboard.

Telematics car insurance is making the most of technology for the benefit of the driver.

Telematics Car Insurance Vies to Revolutionise Industry

telematics car insuranceCar insurance is a requirement to travel upon the UK roadways.  This has always been the case and will continue.  Many different types of cover exist, but the purpose of all cover varies little.  It provides protection and support for all those drivers involved in car crashes.  Car insurance has never been available to do anything else, simply protect drivers when tragedy strikes.  A new car insurance product is now on the market which is revolutionising the industry and changing how cover is viewed overall.

The newest car insurance product which is turning heads across the country is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  It is earning a reputation of being proactive at times other than when car crashes occur.  This new product is making drivers realise car insurance does not have to sit idle.  It can make many things possible including potential ways to cut cost as well as improve driver skills.

Telematics car insurance is now attempting to revolutionise an industry which has been in need of it for decades.  Car insurance has become an item which drivers rely on but only goes into action when a car crash occurs.

A device is installed in the insured car which makes the process take off.  It monitors driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration.  This is only the beginning.  The device also notes the type of roads the car travels on as well as the time of day or night the car is driven.

Telematics car insurance makes it possible for drivers to simply drive safely and earn rewards which are presented to drivers in the form of discounts.  This new type of car cover is quickly revolutionising an industry by stressing safety over driving record.

Drivers could be Sidelined as Astronauts Gather Most Academy Award Nominations

academy awardsDrivers are not expected to be the characters to gather the most nominations for Academy Awards later this morning when they are announced in Beverly Hills, California.  Instead of Directror Ron Howard’s “Rush”, an early in the year strong hopeful for top awards about the true life rivalry during the 1976 Formula One season between drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, gathering the most nods they are expected to go to the fictional account of an astronaut’s worse nightmare of being sent spiraling into space, the movie “Gravity”.

Gravity was nominated for top awards at the Golden Globes and walked away with the award for Best Director going to Alfonso Cuarón.  Rush was nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor but was left empty handed during the Golden Globes.  Critics believe it will win more nominations for the Academy Awards due to possible inclusions in categories not awarded at the Golden Globes such as some of the technical awards.

Gravity scored good with UK audiences and critics alike with the movie being nominated for 11 British Academy Film Awards, the most of any other film in 2013.

Racing fans may also be awarded indirectly should Leonardo DiCaprio win nods from the Academy for the chance to walk away with a golden Oscar in hand.  DiCaprio stared in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and is expected to get a nomination for Best Actor.  While the fictional role he played had nothing to do with cars or racing, in real life the actor is now a team owner in the new FIA Formula E Championship series which includes cars that are all electric powered.

The 86th Annual Academy Award nominations are due to be announced on Thursday morning at 13:38 in the UK which is early morning 5:38 in California.  The Awards show will be held on Sunday, 2 March at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills and will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Telematics Car Insurance Rewards Safely Handling a Car

telematics car insuranceSafely handling a car has never been a concern of car insurance.  It has however been a concern for many parents of young drivers.  Parents are typically stressed as their young drivers start leaving the flat and gain driving experience from being behind the wheel.  Car insurance has never been a product which has promoted safety behind the wheel.  It has been a product which helps drivers get back behind the wheel in the event of a car crash taking place.

Now a new car insurance product is changing the industry.  It is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  It is completely redefining the process of car insurance into one which focuses on safely handling a car.  This safe handling of a car earns a driver rewards which come straight from the insurer.

A device which is installed in the interior of the insured car does the main job for the insurer.  This main job is monitoring driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration.  The device even notes the types of roads the car is traveling on.  These habits form the basis for what is viewed as safe handling of the car.

After an insurer sees the driver as a safe handler of the car, they become eligible to receive rewards which are quite valuable.  These rewards are presented to the driver in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.  Drivers need to simply drive with safety in mind to qualify for such rewards.

Telematics Car Insurance Notes Driving Habits of the Youth

telematics car insuranceYoung drivers are the most crash-prone group of drivers on the roads.  This is a distinction they have held for decades and the trend will likely continue.  Statistics show us that young drivers are more likely to be involved in a car crash within six months after receiving their licence compared with any other time they are behind the wheel.  This is quite troubling for parents who desperately want to trust them.  A new car insurance product is now able to give parents what they wish for most – a close-up view of how their young drivers are handling the car whilst alone.

Telematics car insurance is able to provide parents a personal view of how safely their young drivers are whilst behind the wheel.  The latest car insurance product does this through no fancy gadgets or simulations, but real world data.  Telematics involves equipment which relay driving data to a personal online dashboard all parents can access.

A small device is installed in the insured car which insurers access for driving habit data.  This data is then evaluated by the insurer for the presence of safety.  The data is also transmitted to an online personal dashboard for the parents to view.  Habits such as braking, cornering and acceleration are monitored and able to be viewed.

Parents no longer have to guess how safely their young drivers are whilst behind the wheel.  They can check recent data to confirm their opinions.  Telematics car insurance is changing the market in this way and becoming the cover to turn to.

Telematics Car Insurance Introduces Technology into Car Cover Industry

telematics car insuranceTechnology has never been a concept which has meshed with car insurance.  It has been introduced into other industries, but has yet to become part of the mainstream world of car cover.  Now however, a new car insurance product is changing all that.  It is changing that for the better.  A new car insurance product known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance is introducing technology into car cover and changing the entire landscape.

Telematics car insurance is based on safety and saving money.  These two concepts are giving drivers opportunities like never before and they are taking advantage of them.

Telematics car insurance is based on a small device which makes it possible for drivers to take data from their driving performance and understand weaknesses and strengths.  These weaknesses and strengths can then be worked on to help a driver become a more skilled driver.

The car insurance industry is just now seeing the advantages of a product like telematics car insurance and the industry will never be the same.  Technology which is smart and works with the driver is something the car insurance industry has been needing for years.

Telematics car insurance makes it possible for every day drivers to reap the rewards of a car insurance product which uses technology like never before.  Drivers are potentially able to save thousands of pounds each month and not have to do anything special except drive the car with safety in mind.