Car Insurance Competitive Market Good for Drivers

car insurance marketCar insurance providers have been competing for the attention of drivers.  The ability to shop online for car insurance has fostered an environment where consumers are better equipped and skilled to seek out cheaper pricing on policies.  To keep customers and gain new ones, providers have pushed pricing lower.  The benefit is that drivers are being offered some of the best car insurance pricing seen in the past year.

Telematics car insurance is suggested by experts to those seeking to make a switch.  The product offers the ability for a driver to have an impact on the premium cost they pay.  With the use of a high tech GPS unit installed into the car, a provider can gather data on the driver’s habits while behind the wheel.  Safe driving will gain lower risk coverage rates.  This is an opportunity that standard car insurance does not offer.

While the goal of shopping around for car insurance is to find the most affordable rate, drivers should not set aside quality coverage as a criterion.  Reviewing current coverage needs is suggested and then seeking quality coverage at the most affordable cost rather than just seeking the cheapest car insurance policy.  Car insurance is meant to offer a safety net in the event of an accident so the driver can get back onto the road quickly and without hardship.  Only by seeking out the best matched coverage will the driver have peace of mind that an unexpected event will not become more stressful due to lacking insurance.

Quality and affordability can be found together in one policy.  Shopping around online will offer quick access to finding the right coverage and in today’s competitive car insurance market it will likely offer the ability to save.

Drivers could be Sidelined as Astronauts Gather Most Academy Award Nominations

academy awardsDrivers are not expected to be the characters to gather the most nominations for Academy Awards later this morning when they are announced in Beverly Hills, California.  Instead of Directror Ron Howard’s “Rush”, an early in the year strong hopeful for top awards about the true life rivalry during the 1976 Formula One season between drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, gathering the most nods they are expected to go to the fictional account of an astronaut’s worse nightmare of being sent spiraling into space, the movie “Gravity”.

Gravity was nominated for top awards at the Golden Globes and walked away with the award for Best Director going to Alfonso Cuarón.  Rush was nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor but was left empty handed during the Golden Globes.  Critics believe it will win more nominations for the Academy Awards due to possible inclusions in categories not awarded at the Golden Globes such as some of the technical awards.

Gravity scored good with UK audiences and critics alike with the movie being nominated for 11 British Academy Film Awards, the most of any other film in 2013.

Racing fans may also be awarded indirectly should Leonardo DiCaprio win nods from the Academy for the chance to walk away with a golden Oscar in hand.  DiCaprio stared in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and is expected to get a nomination for Best Actor.  While the fictional role he played had nothing to do with cars or racing, in real life the actor is now a team owner in the new FIA Formula E Championship series which includes cars that are all electric powered.

The 86th Annual Academy Award nominations are due to be announced on Thursday morning at 13:38 in the UK which is early morning 5:38 in California.  The Awards show will be held on Sunday, 2 March at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills and will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.