Telematics Car Insurance Unties the Hands of Drivers

telematics car insuranceDrivers searching for car insurance now have an option.  The car insurance industry is going through a change which is revolutionary.  Drivers are now free to choose cover which provides a car insurance choice worthy of drivers looking for a product which acts in quite a proactive way.  No longer will drivers be paying for a car insurance which only provides support in the event of a car crash.

The hands of drivers are now being untied.  A new product known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance is making the choice of car insurance an easy one.  Telematics is making it possible for drivers to have a choice.  They are able to purchase a policy which makes it possible to potentially save money and become a better driver at the same time.  The freedom contained in telematics car insurance is changing the view of car insurance forever.

Telematics car insurance is enabling drivers to be more aware of safety like never before.  Drivers are made aware of the performance of how they drive due to the device located on or near the dashboard of the insured car.  This small device is installed in the interior of the insured car in about an hour.  It monitors driving habits like speed, acceleration, braking and more.  It even notes the types of roads the car is traveling on.

Telematics car insurance is making it possible for drivers to view car insurance in a way never thought of.  Drivers no longer have to feel tied down or permanently attached to their cover.  Telematics car insurance makes it possible for drivers to pay for the miles they will use and then top up when they are close to expiring.  Telematics car insurance can be found online at any time.

Telematics Car Insurance Secrets Revealed

telematics car insuranceTelematics car insurance remains a mysterious product on the market.  It is suggested by experts as the product to explore when seeking out a new policy as renewal time nears.  It is the product suggested for young drivers to allow more affordability of keeping a car on the road.  It is also discussed by researchers as being a tool to help young drivers stay safer on the road.  As more is revealed about the product then more questions arise for how can a car insurance product offer so many benefits?

Telematics car insurance is unique due to the GPS unit that is installed into the insured driver’s car to collect driving data.  The data is used for risk assessment to determine cost of a policy.  The opportunity exists for a driver to gain savings by driving safe and proving they are worthy of low risk rates from the provider.

Providers coordinate the installation of the GPS unit with a professional at the driver’s workplace or home.  Most car models can have the unit installed within an hour.  It is installed out of sight and neither driver nor passengers will be aware of the unit within the car.  However, the little out of sight GPS unit is a valuable partner in delivering a new type of car insurance to drivers in the UK.

Due to the monitoring of the driver for safe driving habits for the purpose of determining policy costs, telematics car insurance is a tool for keeping young drivers safer on the road.  This makes it popular with parents that have peace of mind from a car insurance policy with the benefit to keep their young driver ever conscious to be a responsible and safe driver.

Telematics car insurance is truly a simple, fair and unique car insurance product.  The only secret to the coverage is that it is surprising that there are still drivers on the road that haven’t switched, yet.

Telematics Car Insurance Combines Safety with Savings

telematics car insuranceThe basis of all car insurance products has been support and assistance in the presence of car crashes.  Drivers know when they are facing the high cost of car repair, insurance will be there to back them up and get them behind the wheel again as soon as possible.  This has typically been the case, but now drivers are in need of more.  They need more than just protection for when a car crash takes place.  They need an insurance product which will work for them at times when there is not a car crash to rebound from.

Drivers are now able to purchase a car insurance product which works for them instead of just rescuing them.  An insurance product has been developed with safety and saving money in mind.  An insurance product is now on the market called telematics car insurance.  It combines the presence of mind of safety and the benefit of saving money.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance is an insurance product unlike any other.  It utilises a small device which is installed in the insured car which monitors driving habits and makes it possible for drivers to prove they are capable of handling a car with safety in mind.

After insurers view the data collected by the small device a determination is made.  If the driver is deemed safe, rewards are passed to them in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.  Drivers simply are required to drive with safety.

An insurance product is now available which combines safety and saving money and it is called telematics car insurance.

Telematics Car Insurance Makes Saving Opportunities Possible

telematics car insuranceTraditional car insurance is a part of driving on the UK roadways legally.  In addition to obtaining a valid driver licence, car cover is a requirement which cannot be taken for granted, or a journey could end up being quite an expensive trip.  Car insurance has never been an item which drivers thought about as a cost saving tool.  Now however, that has changed with the introduction of the latest car cover product.

The newest car insurance product which is revolutionising car insurance in many drivers’ minds is known as telematics car insurance.  This new type of cover utilises safety as an incentive to help drivers think more about safety whilst behind the wheel.  This mode of thinking will ultimately help all drivers be safer out on the road.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance makes saving opportunities possible through the use of a small device which is installed in the insured car.  This small device is the key to making saving money each month possible.  The device is quite small but is capable of numerous tasks.

The most important job the device takes on is monitoring driving habits.  Driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration are monitored.  Other habits which are noted include the time of day or night the car is driven as well as the types of roads the car is driven.

Insurers take the data collected in the small device into consideration when handing out rewards.  Drivers become eligible to receive these rewards when they are seen as safe drivers by insurers.

Insurers present drivers with rewards in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.  Saving opportunities are now possible in car insurance with telematics car insurance.

Welsh Roads Targeted for Safer Driving

welsh roadsWelsh roads have proven quite dangerous in recent years, but the number of deaths of young drivers has declined slightly in the last year.  A National Statistics report pointed to a possible reason the number of 16 to 24 year old casualties has declined for the year 2012.  The number of men drivers has potentially gone down for multiple reasons.  The Welsh Government has made safety a priority and has specific goals of reduction in coming years.

A look at casualty figures displays an unfavorable outcome for drivers 16 to 24 through the years of 2008-2012.  More than 25% of all fatalities between these years included young drivers.  This remains shocking due to young drivers making up only slightly more than 10% of the population in this area.

Sarah-Jane Martin from Brake, the road safety charity commented on the factors leading to tragedy on Welsh roads, saying: “Traffic is the biggest killer of young people.

“Young drivers are the most likely to crash on roads because of a combination of age and inexperience, and too many young lives are being needlessly wasted.

“Young drivers are also responsible for causing deaths and injury among road users of all ages, so it’s vital urgent steps are taken to support young drivers to be safer.

“Brake supports graduated driver licencing to help protect vulnerable drivers from exposure to the greatest risks when they are still gaining experience, and we’re urging the government to bring this in as a priority.”

Telematics Car Insurance Provides Valuable Incentives

telematics car insuranceCar insurance has been a staple of driving for decades.  Along with a driver licence and routine maintenance, car insurance is the major expense which is necessary to keep the car on the road.  Without any one of the three, the chances of a car having to be parked is great.  This is why drivers are constantly trying to find ways to cut cost.  Now drivers have a partial solution to cutting cost of car insurance.  The way to potentially cutting cost is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.

Telematics car insurance is providing valuable incentives to driving with safety in mind.  It comes with a built in scheme to help drivers save money simply by driving with safety in mind.  This is accomplished with technology which before now has never been applied to the car insurance industry.  This technology has been in existence for years but is only now being applied to the car insurance industry.

A device about the size of a mobile phone is installed in the insured car which performs tasks which completely separate telematics car insurance from all other products.  This device is able to monitor driving habits like the speed of the car, braking and cornering.  It monitors other habits as well which the insurer evaluates to determine how the driver is handling the car.

When an insurer evaluates the data collected by the small device and discovers proof of safe driving, the driver becomes eligible to receive rewards from the insurer.  These rewards provide valuable incentives for any driver to handle their car with more safety in mind.

Telematics car insurance is redefining car insurance in a way no other product has done in the past.  It is available online at any time.

Telematics Car Insurance Synchronises Drivers and Car Cover

telematics car insuranceCar insurance has always been thought of as a required consumer product which had to be a part of any driver on UK roadways.  It is an afterthought like a driver licence for drivers.  A driver understands they must possess a licence and a car insurance policy in order to get behind the wheel.  A new car insurance product is now available which is making major waves all over the UK.  It is special due to the way it synchronises the driver and the cover itself.

A driver must have several factors in line in order to drive safely on any UK roadway.  First, a driver must have a valid driver licence with them at all times.  Second, a driver must drive under the cover of a reliable car insurance product.  Third, a driver must follow the rules and guidelines set forth many years ago which look out for all drivers.

All drivers are looking for a winning combination to ensure successful journeys.  Telematics car insurance makes this possible through technology which helps link drivers to their performance.  A device is installed in the insured car which monitors driving habits like speed, braking and cornering, as well as many other habits.

After a driver is deemed safe, they are eligible to receive rewards from the insurer which are presented to the driver in the form discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.  Telematics is the first car insurance product which helps drivers link themselves to their performance and then enable them to quickly improve their skills.