Justin Bieber May Get Off Charges Due to Telematics

justin bieber telematics car insuranceJustin Bieber was arrested last week in Miami for a list of offences of which one was that he was drag racing in a residential area.  However, it is being widely reported that the drag racing offence may have to be dropped thanks to the data recorded by a telematics device that was installed in the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 that he was driving.  The company that lent the car to the pop star stated that the GPS driver data collecting device in the car revealed that the speed of the car reached 30 mph at the time of the drag race event which contradicts the police report that the cars were traveling at close to 60 mph at the time of the race.

The same information is being reported by the company for the Ferrari 16M that Khalil Sharieff was driving in the lane next to Justin Bieber.

Telematics data that is collected by a GPS unit installed in the car can be used by providers of telematics car insurance for many purposes.  One of which is to determine risk assessment and therefore premium costs for car insurance.  The same data can be used to prove fault in an accident and it can be reviewed online privately by a driver to determine how well they are doing at being safe while driving.  That information can be helpful to a new young driver assessing their own skills behind the wheel.  The GPS unit can also be used to locate a stolen car in the event of theft.