Telematics Car Insurance Unites Safety with All Drivers

telematics car insuranceOne thing unites all drivers above anything else on any UK roadway.  The one thing which is a common denominator among all drivers aside from a driver licence is car insurance.  This has been true for years.  It has been not only what unites all drivers who drive legally, but also the talk within the walls of many office buildings next to water coolers.  Every driver wants to figure out how to pay less for car insurance.

The answer for drivers could potentially be directly in front of them now.  It could be in the form of a new type of car insurance known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  This is a new type of cover which is uniting safety with all drivers.

Telematics car insurance is a new type of car insurance which was originally developed with safety and saving money in mind.  It has been on the market a short time but within that time it has grown in popularity.  Drivers who obtain a telematics car insurance policy quickly understand the benefits which can be realised through the new type of cover.

Telematics car insurance is able to unite drivers with safety due to the technology which is involved with telematics.  A small device is installed in the insured car on or near the dashboard.  This device monitors driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration.  Drivers demonstrating safe habits which are collected on the small device earn valuable rewards presented to them by insurers.

These rewards are presented to drivers in the form of discounts to future monthly insurance costs.  Telematics car insurance is truly uniting all drivers with safety.

Telematics Car Insurance Provides Valuable Incentives

telematics car insuranceCar insurance has been a staple of driving for decades.  Along with a driver licence and routine maintenance, car insurance is the major expense which is necessary to keep the car on the road.  Without any one of the three, the chances of a car having to be parked is great.  This is why drivers are constantly trying to find ways to cut cost.  Now drivers have a partial solution to cutting cost of car insurance.  The way to potentially cutting cost is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.

Telematics car insurance is providing valuable incentives to driving with safety in mind.  It comes with a built in scheme to help drivers save money simply by driving with safety in mind.  This is accomplished with technology which before now has never been applied to the car insurance industry.  This technology has been in existence for years but is only now being applied to the car insurance industry.

A device about the size of a mobile phone is installed in the insured car which performs tasks which completely separate telematics car insurance from all other products.  This device is able to monitor driving habits like the speed of the car, braking and cornering.  It monitors other habits as well which the insurer evaluates to determine how the driver is handling the car.

When an insurer evaluates the data collected by the small device and discovers proof of safe driving, the driver becomes eligible to receive rewards from the insurer.  These rewards provide valuable incentives for any driver to handle their car with more safety in mind.

Telematics car insurance is redefining car insurance in a way no other product has done in the past.  It is available online at any time.

Christmas Gifts on Display in the Car are Invitations to Thieves

safety from theftChristmas gifts that were once under wraps will now be on display in the back of vehicles as people travel from family gatherings back to home.  Young drivers will be tempted to carry with them their new car related electronics and put their new sat-navs into their car, throw their new mobile phone onto the passenger seat and sync their new music player with their radio before taking to the road.  There will be eReaders, tablets and other expensive gadgets taken along journeys and left behind in the car as everyone ventures into stores for after Christmas discounts.

Now that the expensive electronic gifts are opened and become a part of daily lives it is a perfect time for thieves to take advantage and glance from car to car as they walk down streets, through parking structures and areas.  It only minutes to rob a car of its interior possessions and escape without notice.

To avoid being a victim it is important to keep any enticing items out of view.  This includes electronics, wallets, purses, navigation devices, music players, CDs and new purchases.

Car insurance policies may or may not pay for stolen items in a car.  Policies differ and a driver should review their policy for information concerning robberies.

Thieves don’t always just target contents of a car but rather the car itself.  If a car is stolen and the driver has telematics car insurance it is important to remember that the GPS unit in the car could help locate the stolen car and recover it quickly with the help of police.

To avoid being a victim of a car robbery always keep doors locked, park in well-lit areas and keep the interior clear of any valuable items being on view.

Key to Keeping Young Drivers Safe Lies with Parents

driving safelyThe key to keeping young drivers safe on the road lies with parents.  There are many ways in which parents can impact the safety level of their child as they are handed over the keys to the family car.  It begins with being a good example of how to drive safe on the road.

Parents are simply unaware of how much their children are watching their driving behaviours.  It can range from distracted driving that involves using a mobile phone or eating to road rage reactions at other drivers on the road.  It can also involve a child seeing a parent have a drink with dinner and then comfortably climb into the car and get behind the wheel.

Such behaviours are making an impact on the children in the car.  They will grow someday to be drivers and they will mimic the behaviours they have witnessed more so than referring to words of wisdom bestowed upon them.

It is never too late to make a change and discuss the adoption of safer driving habits with children, especially the young drivers in the family.  Supporting one another and encouraging sticking to new behaviours will make a difference.

Another important task of parents is to set rules for the new driver.  There should be rules that are fully explained, with open discussion about why the rules are in place and the consequences of breaking them.  Rules that are important to set with young drivers include limiting the number of peer aged passengers in the car, wearing seatbelts, no drink or drug driving and informing a parent where their journeys will take them and checking in once arriving at a destination.  Another important rule is to establish a zero tolerance for distracted driving which means turning off their mobile phone and thus avoiding the temptation to reach for it to check a message or answer a call.

Consideration of a young driver insurance policy with parental benefits could be helpful in keeping them safer on the road.  In particular the consideration of telematics car insurance should be top of the list.  Experts suggest the product could offer savings over a standard car insurance policy but there are added benefits.  Some policies offer parental alerts when an unsafe driving event occurs with the young driver behind the wheel.  The GPS monitoring device installed within the car by the provider will use the collected driving data to determine premium cost but the data could also be reviewed by parents to offer feedback to the young driver.

Parents involved long after the young drivers have received their L plates will be raising the odds on their young driver arriving home safe and sound at the end of the day.

Young Drivers and Others Need to Focus On Road and Turn Off Phone

telematics car insuranceYoung drivers have less experience on the road.  When coupling that inexperience with distracted driving the combination could be deadly.  Young drivers aren’t the only group on the road that could be dangerous when driving distracted especially if that distraction is using a mobile phone.  Drivers travel down the road checking their mobile phones, engaged in conversation instead of the task of driving and become a danger to themselves, their passengers and other drivers on the road.

Because using a mobile phone has been proven dangerous in studies whether the driver uses their hands or a hands-free device there has been discussion to ban their use all together on UK roads.  Safety charity Brake is calling for banning the use of mobile phones including hands-free phones and pushing higher penalties if drivers are caught.  The Government however is not on board with the ban and apparently is not taking such a move under consideration.

Brake filed for data under the Freedom of Information act and found that 500,000 drivers have points on their licence due to driving while using a phone or being involved in another distraction while behind the wheel.

Encouragement from Brake is centered on educating drivers to turn off their phones and for callers to refuse to speak to drivers that are on the road.  Research noted by Brake revealed that 98% of drivers are incapable of dividing their attention between driving and distractions without it affecting their ability to stay committed to safe driving.  Distraction behaviours committed by drivers could be using their mobile phone but also includes events of eating, drinking, smoking and interacting with children in the car.  Rather than being unsafe on the road experts suggest drivers stay focused on driving while behind the wheel.

Young Drivers with Parental Rules Less Likely to Drink Drive

telematics car insuranceYoung drivers who have active parents involved in their driving experience that set rules are less likely to drink drive according to a new study.  The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an organization representing U.S. state highway safety offices, released the study.  They want parents to know that the more involved they are the more likely their young drivers will adhere to their advice and rules when it comes to safe driving behaviours.

The GHSA said, “While developmental and behavior issues coupled with inexperience impact teen crash risk, parents play a critical role in helping teens survive their most dangerous driving years.”

GHSA revealed that researchers have found that teens with set driving rules in place by their parents with general monitoring of their activities in a supportive way are 71% less likely to drink drive, 50% more likely to use their seatbelt, 30% less likely to use their mobile phone while driving, and more likely to stick to speed limits.

Jonathan Adkins, GHSA’s deputy executive director remarked, “Graduated driver licensing (GDL) is responsible for a 20 to 40 percent reduction in teen crashes.  But GDL isn’t just a state or police program, it’s a parent program. When parents understand how and why GDL works to address their novice drivers’ crash risk and partner with their teens to enforce the proven provisions associated with these programs, good things happen.

“Newly-licensed drivers, particularly males, are more likely to speed at night and when friends are in the car.  Parents must recognize this and say no to their teens engaging in these unsafe practices. GDL helps them do that.”

Telematics Car Insurance Fine Match for Seniors Taking few Journeys

telematics car insuranceSenior drivers looking for car insurance which fits their lifestyle could be easier than the thought of it.  Seniors take fewer journeys than they did when they were working on a regular basis.  Now their schedules are more set and many have structured weeks and they know exactly where they are going and when.  This is the perfect set up for telematics car insurance.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance is a low mileage car insurance which takes steps beyond normal or traditional car insurance.  It makes it possible to potentially save money through the beneficial feature of being rewarded by the insurer for driving safely.  That feature of telematics car insurance would apply to drivers of all ages.

Seniors can benefit from being covered by telematics car insurance due to the ability to purchase miles before cover actually begins.  In this payment scheme, money never gets tied up and spent unnecessarily.   An estimated amount of miles are purchased and used as they are needed, all with cover.  When miles are close to expiring, more can be purchased through a top up quite similar to mobile phone minutes.

Telematics car insurance is the first insurance of its kind and is growing in popularity as the months pass.  Senior drivers, parents of young drivers and middle age drivers are all seeing benefits through this type of cover and it seems the next wave of insurance technology is being introduced to us now.

Telematics car insurance is available online to be researched as well as purchased.