Telematics Car Insurance Excellent Training Tool for Young Drivers

telematics car insuranceYoung drivers make up a special group of those on the road.  They are responsible for more car crashes statistically than any other drivers on the road.  And this is not mentioning how often they are in car crashes immediately following the time when they receive their licence.  Young drivers have a tendency to feel extra brave whilst behind the wheel and that feeling often lands them in big trouble.  And big trouble on the road is not trouble anyone wants to deal with.

Telematics could be answering a big problem whilst young drivers are learning to drive.  As parents are the group who are stressed out and worried every time their young drivers hit the road, telematics could provide a way to help them deal with that.  By providing a small device in the insured car, telematics keeps an eye on the driver by monitoring habits which could be helpful in providing feedback for someone learning to drive a car.  This small device monitors speeds of the car, braking of the car and how a driver is taking corners.  The device even monitors what time of the day or night the car is driven.

The insurer takes a look at the data collected by the device and evaluates it for the presence of safe driving.  When safe driving is apparent, the driver becomes eligible to receive discounts applied to future monthly car insurance premiums.  Young drivers can not only save money with telematics car insurance but possibly become better drivers at the same time.

Telematics Cover Begins with Installation of Device

The process of purchasing car insurance is one which tends to put people off.  Often it is a deterrent to searching for insurance as opposed to making people want to research and find what matches their needs.  Many drivers are now aware of telematics car insurance but many are unaware of how easy it is to get set up.  After making contact with an insurer which offers the popular car insurance, the process goes rather quickly and efficiently.

Telematics car insurance involves having a small mounted device placed in or around the dash of the insured car.  This small mounted device takes about an hour to install.  After contacting the insurer which offers telematics, a professional will set an appointment to come and install the required device.  The professional will meet the person to be insured at their home or place of business.

After meeting them at their home or place of business, the small telematics device will be mounted in the car.  The device is unobtrusive and about the size of a mobile phone.  The device is mounted on the dashboard of the car or close to the dashboard.  The mounted device does not affect the warranty of the car in any way.

After installation of the device, cover begins the moment the driver gets behind the wheel and takes off down the road.  The entire process is expeditious in nature and is completed in a short amount of time.  Telematics is still relatively new to the market, but is growing in popularity each month.

Quality and Affordable Should Be Considered When Shopping for Car Insurance

Driver should drop the intention to find cheap car insurance.  The better route is to consider finding the best quality car insurance and the most affordable rate. Quality should always play a part in car insurance for the coverage itself is the lifeline to a healthy financial future.  Without quality car insurance coverage a driver could be opening themselves up to financial disaster in the event of an accident.

This is especially so in the situation of young drivers.  Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in an accident and they are also the age group of drivers that will pay the most for car insurance due to the high risk providers have in providing coverage.  This is why it is so tempting for young drivers to search for cheap insurance.  The thought of whether the coverage is adequate or good plays a secondary role to affordability.

There are options available that can offer both quality and affordability when it comes to car insurance.  Experts encourage young drivers and their parents to consider telematics car insurance.  This type of car insurance allows through monitoring by a GPS device for the young driver to prove they are responsible on the roads while driving and worthy of lower risk premiums. The ability to prove safe driving habits allows for young drivers to be considered for rewards of cheaper rates for coverage and the ability to have quality coverage that lowers the financial risk of the driver and their family in the event of an accident.

Telematics is popular with young drivers but other drivers can benefit from the monitoring of driving habits such as drivers with repeated offenses and low mileage drivers.

Parents of Young Drivers see Benefits with Telematics Car Insurance

Distracted driving is part of a young driver’s life.  With summer months bearing down on us, young drivers love more than anything to get behind the wheel and feel the freedom of the wind blowing through their hair whilst having fun with friends.  This is not to mention all the other distractions which exist during the time with their friends.  Talking and listening to the radio and watching things outside the car are just the short list of things young drivers are caught up with as they speed down the road.

All these distractions lead to unnecessary stress on the parents of the young drivers.  Parents would like to protect their young drivers but are left without the tools to do so.  Enter telematics car insurance.  It offers the extra set of eyes on their young drivers they always hoped for but were unable to have.

The premise behind telematics car insurance is simple.  A small mounted device monitors driving habits as young drivers spend time behind the wheel.  Habits are monitored anytime they are operating the car.  This is unique to telematics cover.  It can be considered the extra parent in the car insurance.  Not only are there advantages to driving safe, but don’t overlook the obvious.

When young drivers are driving safely the likelihood of an accident goes down drastically.  This pleases any parent who has a young driver behind the wheel.  This also pleases parents due to the savings which takes place when drivers operate a car with safety.

Telematics car insurance is available to be researched online and obtained online as well.

Young Drivers are Speeding and Need Monitoring to Deter the Behavior

Young drivers are at risk on the road.  They are the least experienced drivers on the road and are according to many studies the most likely to be distracted and be involved in an accident on the road that involves a fatality.  Blame is often put on distracted driving behaviors such as texting or talking on the phone.  Having conversations with passengers and being distracted with talking can also be a distracted driving behavior that can have dire consequences.  Drink driving and driving under the influence of drugs can also be a deadly combination.

Throughout all the warnings put upon young drivers and the concerns of those of authority to try and keep them safe on the road, one dangerous behavior is being overlooked and that is the habit of speeding.  Speeding is dangerous.  Young drivers are guilty of speeding even when not under the influence of distracted driving, drugs or alcohol.  The behavior can quickly become a habit and in some instances the driver believes they are in much more control of the road when speeding than they actually are – being under the delusion they can react as necessary if needed despite their speed.

For parents concerned about speeding, a solution to their search for peace of mind when their young driver takes to the road could be found in telematics car insurance.  Telematics car insurance for young drivers gathers data through a GPS device on the driver’s habits while on the road.  By following safe driving habits a driver can gain rewards from the insurance provider of savings on their insurance costs.  The monitoring of the driver digitally every moment they are in the car helps keep young drivers aware of following safe driving habits.  Some policies offer parental alerts when an unsafe driving event occurs.

Young drivers may be ready to start their journey to adulthood and have the honor of taking to the road but it doesn’t mean that don’t still need reminders from parents to keep safe and be equipped with tools to keep them safe.  Seatbelts keep them safer.  Safety features on cars are sought out.  Perhaps telematics car insurance should be a top consideration as a safety tool as well if it helps to keep young drivers from speeding.

Car Insurance Myth Tested and Disproven

A myth within the car insurance industry has been tested and proven not applicable.  For many years this myth has been able to live and breathe and cause many car drivers to alter their choice in car cover.  No longer is this myth believable.  Moneysupermarket has taken it and completely disproven it.  The myth involves comp cover compared with third party cover.  The myth for years has been comp cover is more expensive than third party cover.

Peter Harrison with Moneysupermarket commented on third party car insurance and discussed its ability to provide cover, saying: “Third party car insurance was traditionally favoured by cash-strapped motorists, particularly those with cheaper vehicles, because it was the cheapest option, but that’s no longer the case.”

Many young drivers saw third party cover as the way to go with car insurance.  They assumed that comp cover was more expensive due to the amount of assistance was available after a car crash took place.

The myth was disproven when Moneysupermarket made a direct comparison of the two types of car insurance cover.  Actually, the discovery was made quite simply.  The age which really changes the landscape of cover is 40.  At that age, costs start to even out and after that age costs of comp cover and third party cover are almost the same.

Telematics could be the answer to those looking for a way to save money and become a better driver.  Rewards are available to those who can demonstrate safely operating a car.  When a driver handles a car with safety regarding speeding, cornering and braking, the insurer takes a close look at changing the premium costs of that driver.

Telematics car insurance can be researched and obtained online.

Long Running Myth Regarding Car Insurance Tested

A long standing myth has been alive and well within the car insurance industry for several years.  The myth is in regard to third party cover compared with full comp cover.  Many have been under the assumption for years that full comp cover is much more costly than third party cover.  Recent research by Moneysupermarket confirms a surprising fact.  Full comp cover does not become more expensive for drivers until the age of 40 is reached.

Full comp cover provides cover for drivers regardless of the fault which is found in the event of a car crash.  Third party cover takes care of other drivers in a car crash when you are to blame for the accident.  The cost is estimated to be higher from insurers due to the insurer becoming suspicious of the driver when the driver requested third party car insurance.  It is believed many young drivers are also paying more for third party cover due to the amount of car crashes they are involved in directly following the day they received their licence.

A spokesperson for Moneysupermarket commented on the third party insurance cover compared with full comp cover, saying: “Typically younger drivers will purchase a lower value car and in the past would have insured this under a third party policy as this used to be the cheapest option. Since insurers have become aware of this practice, they have made it so a fully comp policy is cheaper for a young driver as this not only protects the driver in the event of a claim, but also the insurer.”

The trend of full comp cover being cheaper for younger drivers continues until about age 40.  Then, premium costs even out and stay in that comparable range until the driver discontinues driving.

Telematics based car insurance is a viable option for young and older drivers.  It is based on rewarding drivers for safe driving habits.  These habits are monitored by a small mounted device within the cab of the insured car.