Car Insurance Search for New Policy Should Start with Telematics

car insurance searchCar insurance policies should not hold a driver’s loyalty.  Rather than holding onto an old policy year after year, a driver should seek a new policy that offers a more affordable rate.  This is especially the case with the latest information coming from the Association of British Insurers revealing that the average cost of a policy with comprehensive coverage has dropped in one year by almost 9%.  Rather than sticking with a policy that was purchased with higher rate offers from a year ago or more, shopping could offer a savings.

Experts suggest that renewal time trigger a driver to shop around for a new policy.  Annual coverage needs can change year to year and it is therefore a good time to consider a new policy that more adequately meets the coverage needs of the driver.  Renewal time usually brings increases in premiums which should serve as another stimulus to shop around for a new policy.

Starting the shopping process by considering telematics car insurance could save time and offer substantial savings.  Telematics offers possible savings opportunities for many drivers including young drivers.  Drivers are encouraged to review telematics car insurance policies and choose one that best matches their needs and driving habits.  Some policies offer savings for driving safely during the term of the policy while others offer discounts for low mileage drivers.  Narrowing down choices by the possible savings opportunities associated with the policy that best matches the driver’s driving habits is a good place to start.

Online shopping is fast and easy when it comes to purchasing a telematics car insurance policy.  Despite the need for installation of a GPS unit for driving data collection, the installation does not have to be immediate.  Grace periods are offered by providers as they coordinate the professional installation to be completed at the driver’s home or workplace.

A new policy at the cheaper premiums being offered on today’s market should be a consideration of all UK drivers.  Starting the search online will make the process simple and first seeking a match with a telematics car insurance policy could offer the opportunity for substantial savings.

Telematics Car Insurance Secrets Revealed

telematics car insuranceTelematics car insurance remains a mysterious product on the market.  It is suggested by experts as the product to explore when seeking out a new policy as renewal time nears.  It is the product suggested for young drivers to allow more affordability of keeping a car on the road.  It is also discussed by researchers as being a tool to help young drivers stay safer on the road.  As more is revealed about the product then more questions arise for how can a car insurance product offer so many benefits?

Telematics car insurance is unique due to the GPS unit that is installed into the insured driver’s car to collect driving data.  The data is used for risk assessment to determine cost of a policy.  The opportunity exists for a driver to gain savings by driving safe and proving they are worthy of low risk rates from the provider.

Providers coordinate the installation of the GPS unit with a professional at the driver’s workplace or home.  Most car models can have the unit installed within an hour.  It is installed out of sight and neither driver nor passengers will be aware of the unit within the car.  However, the little out of sight GPS unit is a valuable partner in delivering a new type of car insurance to drivers in the UK.

Due to the monitoring of the driver for safe driving habits for the purpose of determining policy costs, telematics car insurance is a tool for keeping young drivers safer on the road.  This makes it popular with parents that have peace of mind from a car insurance policy with the benefit to keep their young driver ever conscious to be a responsible and safe driver.

Telematics car insurance is truly a simple, fair and unique car insurance product.  The only secret to the coverage is that it is surprising that there are still drivers on the road that haven’t switched, yet.

Telematics Car Insurance on Top and No Slowing Down

telematics car insuranceTelematics car insurance has risen to the top and there is no sign that the car insurance product will not continue to grow in popularity for years to come.  The benefits of finding coverage with a telematics car insurance policy are many while there is also the possibility for substantial savings.  Experts encourage that drivers shop around and look for a quality policy at a more affordable rate when renewal time comes around and to start with shopping for a telematics policy.

The car insurance uses a GPS unit installed into the car of the driver to collect data to be used for risk assessment.  The data will allow the provider to determine if the driver is a high risk or low risk driver to offer coverage and that will in turn determine the cost of a policy.  By driving safe, a driver has the opportunity to prove they are worthy of low risk rates.

According to the British Insurance Brokers Association, telematics car insurance has increased by 61% since June 2012 to December 2013.

Telematics car insurance usually is prepaid in bulk miles for coverage for the number of miles expected to drive.  This “pay as you drive” insurance opportunity allows for easy budgeting and should more miles be needed, a driver can quickly top up for more coverage.  Young drivers are often mentioned as the most likely group of drivers to benefit from telematics car insurance but the truth is that many drivers can benefit and all should consider the product when seeking out a new policy for a switch.

Justin Bieber May Get Off Charges Due to Telematics

justin bieber telematics car insuranceJustin Bieber was arrested last week in Miami for a list of offences of which one was that he was drag racing in a residential area.  However, it is being widely reported that the drag racing offence may have to be dropped thanks to the data recorded by a telematics device that was installed in the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 that he was driving.  The company that lent the car to the pop star stated that the GPS driver data collecting device in the car revealed that the speed of the car reached 30 mph at the time of the drag race event which contradicts the police report that the cars were traveling at close to 60 mph at the time of the race.

The same information is being reported by the company for the Ferrari 16M that Khalil Sharieff was driving in the lane next to Justin Bieber.

Telematics data that is collected by a GPS unit installed in the car can be used by providers of telematics car insurance for many purposes.  One of which is to determine risk assessment and therefore premium costs for car insurance.  The same data can be used to prove fault in an accident and it can be reviewed online privately by a driver to determine how well they are doing at being safe while driving.  That information can be helpful to a new young driver assessing their own skills behind the wheel.  The GPS unit can also be used to locate a stolen car in the event of theft.

Telematics Car Insurance Signifies Progress in Car Cover

telematics car insuranceTraditional car insurance is now being called by some as old fashioned or old style.  The normal type of cover is now being passed over for more high tech insurance.  This new high tech car insurance is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  This new cover is becoming more popular as the months pass and for worthy reasons.

Telematics car insurance is signifying progress within the car insurance industry.  This progress is being marked by the ability for car cover to do more for drivers than just be there in the event of a car crash.  It utilises technology only now being applied to car insurance.  This high technology has been around for several years but until only recently has it been applied to the car insurance industry.

A device known as a POD or personal optimisation device is installed in the insured car.  It is responsible for the key new features which makes telematics car insurance such a hot item.  Features like being able to drive with safety and be rewarded for it is just the beginning.

The installed device monitors driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration.  Other habits are monitored as well and go into the ability for insurers to reward drivers the way they do.

As drivers are demonstrating safe driving habits, they are becoming eligible to receive rewards from insurers in the form of discounts applied to future monthly insurance costs.  Drivers see these discounts as valuable as savings affects all family budgets.

Car insurance is now seeing progress like never before in the form of telematics car insurance.

Telematics Car Insurance Alerts Drivers of the Next Big Thing

telematics car insurance alerts driversCar insurance has been available to drivers for years.  The process of finding and acquiring it has changed, but the tradition of cover and what drivers expect has not changed.  Drivers seek to find cover online now, then obtain it there as well.  Drivers understand the protection and support which comes with car insurance and that has not changed.  Until now.

A new type of car insurance is now gracing the choices of cover and drivers are more excited than ever.  Telematics car insurance is now available and drivers are grabbing it up and quickly realising the benefits.  It is the first car insurance of its kind and that is saying quite a bit.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance is an insurance type which relies on technology to alert drivers of the next big thing.  The technology used in telematics cover is brand new to the car insurance industry although it has been around for several years now.

A small GPS enabled device is installed in the insured car which makes telematics cover completely unique to other car insurance types.  The device is small and hardly noticeable inside the car.  It is installed on or near the dashboard of the insured car.  This installation is the first step in becoming covered and takes about an hour.

The device monitors driving habits like braking and cornering as well as other driving habits.  The device also notes the time of day or night the car is driven.

Drivers are rewarded when they demonstrate safe handling of the car.  Telematics car insurance is doing its job to alert drivers of the next big thing.

Telematics Car Insurance Brings Savings onto Center Stage

savings on center stageSaving pounds is not an issue which is discussed within the same conversation as car insurance.  It is something which is often sought out by drivers of all types.  Car insurance is typically a stressful topic of any conversation and especially one revolving around a family budget.  To keep a car on the road is quite expensive and the cost is expected to go anywhere but down over the following months.  A new car insurance product is making an effort to alleviate the high cost of car cover.

Telematics car insurance is making a strong impact on all types of UK drivers for many positive reasons.  It is an insurance product which was developed with safety and savings in mind and those ideas are being carried forward.  Saving pounds is being brought onto center stage and seems to only become more popular.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance is an insurance product which enables drivers to do things never thought of before.  It is a product which allows drivers to purchase only the miles needed and top up when those are close to expiring.  That cost savings is only the beginning.

Driving habits are monitored for drivers to prove they can handle a car with safety in mind.  Habits like braking and cornering are monitored along with acceleration and time of day the car is being driven.  These habits make up the foundation for safe driving.  Drivers aware of this and able to handle a car with safety will qualify by insurers’ standards for rewards.  These rewards will be presented to them in the form of discounts applied to future monthly car insurance costs.

Saving pounds each month is now center stage for a new insurance product known as telematics car insurance.