Driving Safe Required Because Others are Not

others driving unsafelyDriving safe is a behaviour that is constantly repeated by safety experts and safety charities.  It is something that drivers often take to heart that the message only applies to their own behaviours.  Therefore as long as they feel in control on the road then they are following safe driving rules.  Speeding a little, reaching for a mobile phone or grabbing a drink are all behaviours that done in control will likely have a fine ending as far as some are concerned, however the truth is that there are others on the road thinking the same thing.

The greater the odds build for an accident the greater the end result will turn out bad.  Should one driver be heading down the roadway while texting on their mobile phone and another be coming from the same direction speeding, while another driver turns to speak to a child in the back seat, the odds are building one upon another that someone could be hurt.  Driving safe is important because there are other drivers on the road that are not following safe driving rules.

Telematics car insurance is helping to keep drivers in a state of mindful safe driving.  Through the use of a GPS unit that collects driving data for risk assessment, drivers could be offered discounts on their premiums by driving safe.  The constant reminder to drive safe could also be a learning tool, as many drivers are unaware of how badly their driving is when they text or talk on their mobile phones, they reach for food or drink, they address children in the car, carry on conversations or simple change the radio station.  The same data used by the provider to determine the risk in coverage can be privately viewed by the driver.  Many a driver may be surprised to learn they haven’t been as safe on the road as thought after viewing their telematics car insurance data.  They might also think twice before choosing to drive distracted or to speed at all since the data is going to be collected and used to determine their premiums.

Overall, anything that helps a driver stay safer on the road is valuable.  The fact that it could also help a driver save money on car insurance adds to the attractiveness of telematics car insurance.  Staying safe behind the wheel is important but even more so since there are so many other drivers sharing the road that aren’t driving safe.

Telematics Car Insurance Unites Safety with All Drivers

telematics car insuranceOne thing unites all drivers above anything else on any UK roadway.  The one thing which is a common denominator among all drivers aside from a driver licence is car insurance.  This has been true for years.  It has been not only what unites all drivers who drive legally, but also the talk within the walls of many office buildings next to water coolers.  Every driver wants to figure out how to pay less for car insurance.

The answer for drivers could potentially be directly in front of them now.  It could be in the form of a new type of car insurance known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance.  This is a new type of cover which is uniting safety with all drivers.

Telematics car insurance is a new type of car insurance which was originally developed with safety and saving money in mind.  It has been on the market a short time but within that time it has grown in popularity.  Drivers who obtain a telematics car insurance policy quickly understand the benefits which can be realised through the new type of cover.

Telematics car insurance is able to unite drivers with safety due to the technology which is involved with telematics.  A small device is installed in the insured car on or near the dashboard.  This device monitors driving habits like braking, cornering and acceleration.  Drivers demonstrating safe habits which are collected on the small device earn valuable rewards presented to them by insurers.

These rewards are presented to drivers in the form of discounts to future monthly insurance costs.  Telematics car insurance is truly uniting all drivers with safety.

Telematics Car Insurance Involves a Personal Optimisation Device

telematics car insuranceCar insurance has never been guilty of using or involving high technology type equipment for cover.  For years, it has been a mundane type consumer product.  Drivers are quite understanding of what car insurance will do for them once they have purchased it and what it will not be doing for them.  Expectations of what occurs following a car crash are understood.  Typically, support and financial assistance will be provided by an insurer after a car crash and the driver has made a claim.

Now, times have changed.  A new type of car insurance is available which is revolutionising the market and turning the heads of drivers all over the UK.  It is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance and the industry will never be the same.

Telematics car insurance is the first car cover of its kind.  It involves high tech equipment, although it remains quite user friendly for drivers who acquire it.  A small device is at the center of telematics car insurance.  This small device is known as a POD or personal optimisation device.

This device is what makes telematics car insurance possible.  It performs functions which have never been possible associated with car insurance.  It monitors driving habits like acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as many other habits.  Drivers can now prove they are able to handle a car with safety.  This makes it possible to qualify for rewards the insurer presents to them after demonstrating safe handling of a car.

Telematics car insurance is the first cover to utilise a personal optimisation device.  This device is making it possible for drivers to prove they can handle a car safely and then qualify for monthly insurance savings.

Car Insurance Search for New Policy Should Start with Telematics

car insurance searchCar insurance policies should not hold a driver’s loyalty.  Rather than holding onto an old policy year after year, a driver should seek a new policy that offers a more affordable rate.  This is especially the case with the latest information coming from the Association of British Insurers revealing that the average cost of a policy with comprehensive coverage has dropped in one year by almost 9%.  Rather than sticking with a policy that was purchased with higher rate offers from a year ago or more, shopping could offer a savings.

Experts suggest that renewal time trigger a driver to shop around for a new policy.  Annual coverage needs can change year to year and it is therefore a good time to consider a new policy that more adequately meets the coverage needs of the driver.  Renewal time usually brings increases in premiums which should serve as another stimulus to shop around for a new policy.

Starting the shopping process by considering telematics car insurance could save time and offer substantial savings.  Telematics offers possible savings opportunities for many drivers including young drivers.  Drivers are encouraged to review telematics car insurance policies and choose one that best matches their needs and driving habits.  Some policies offer savings for driving safely during the term of the policy while others offer discounts for low mileage drivers.  Narrowing down choices by the possible savings opportunities associated with the policy that best matches the driver’s driving habits is a good place to start.

Online shopping is fast and easy when it comes to purchasing a telematics car insurance policy.  Despite the need for installation of a GPS unit for driving data collection, the installation does not have to be immediate.  Grace periods are offered by providers as they coordinate the professional installation to be completed at the driver’s home or workplace.

A new policy at the cheaper premiums being offered on today’s market should be a consideration of all UK drivers.  Starting the search online will make the process simple and first seeking a match with a telematics car insurance policy could offer the opportunity for substantial savings.

Car Insurance Rate Affordability Prompts Need to Switch

young driverCar insurance rates have dropped in the last 12 months and much of the reason is due to a crackdown on false whiplash claims.  As those claims have declined, then the cost usually bared by all insurers has declined offering more affordable car insurance rates.  With the lower rates came a more competitive market between car insurance providers shopping for drivers to make a switch.  Better and better rates and policies have been put on the market and consumers have benefitted.

Experts have long encouraged drivers to use renewal time as an opportunity reminder that a new policy should be sought.  With most renewals bringing with them an increase, it is a good time to shop around for a new policy of quality and better affordability.

It is because of the cheaper rates that a driver should consider shopping for a new policy and a switch.  Last year’s policy has last year’s rates and there could be cheaper car insurance rates to be found by just shopping quickly online.  With so much to gain and less to lose it makes sense to consider a switch.

It is important for drivers to consider their new policy be one of quality as well as affordability.  A car insurance policy is meant to give a driver peace of mind and a financial safety net in the event of an accident.  Therefore it is important to seek out needed coverage that is quality strong when shopping for a new policy.  Both quality and affordability can be found with telematics and that is the product that experts suggest be the first consideration when shopping for new coverage.

Telematics Car Insurance Assists Family Budgets

executive compensationCar insurance has been impactful to family budgets for years.  It is an expensive part of driving on UK roadways and can even prevent a car from continuing to stay on the road permanently.  This can lead to difficulty getting to work or school.  Families need a car insurance which is able to assist the family budget in a positive way, especially if young drivers are on the road.

There is a new type of car insurance which is helping families by enabling them to potentially save money.  This new car insurance type is being called revolutionary by some.  It is being referred to this way due to the manner in which it provides cover.  Drivers are able to drive with safety and save money.

This new type of car insurance is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance and is here to stay.  It is a limited mileage car insurance which relies on technology to help drivers not only potentially save money, but also help drivers become better whilst behind the wheel.

The technology involved is quite impressive.  A device which is about the size of a mobile phone is installed in the interior of the insured car.  This device is installed on or near the dashboard of the car and has no affect on the warranty of the car.

The device is known as a POD or personal optimisation device.  This device is important as it monitors driving habits like acceleration and braking as well as others.  Insurers use the data collected to determine safe driving habits.  When drivers are seen as safe they receive rewards from the insurer in the form of discounts applied to future monthly costs.

Telematics car insurance assists family budgets keeping costs as low as possible.

Telematics Car Insurance Unlocks Potential of Car Cover

telematics car insuranceThe future of car cover is now available.  It is known as telematics pay as you drive car insurance and it is here to stay.  It is introducing itself to the market offering great benefits to drivers along the way.  Drivers are recognising these benefits and taking advantage of many of the opportunities telematics car insurance has to offer.  The biggest benefit of telematics car insurance, in the eyes of many drivers, is the ability of the driver to potentially save money simply by driving with safety in mind.

Telematics pay as you drive car insurance was developed with two concepts in mind.  The first was to emphasise safety and trying to make all roads safer within the UK borders.  Second, telematics car insurance was developed with the idea that car insurance could help drivers at times other than during car crashes.  The idea that saving money could be possible was included as a scheme.

Telematics car insurance is unlocking the potential of car insurance by making it possible for drivers to simply drive safe and potentially save money each month doing so.  A small device is responsible for making this a reality.  Driving habits are monitored with the small device and then insurers evaluate this driving data for indications the driver handles the car with safety.

Habits like braking and cornering are monitored as well as acceleration.  The time of day or night is even noted by the small device.

Insurers evaluate this information and present rewards to drivers in the form of discounts applied to future monthly insurance costs.  The potential of car insurance is being introduced in the form of telematics car insurance.